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I’m Gonna Take That Mountain

I decided to give my new Christmas snowshoes a try today after work. I through the dog in the car and headed for dem hills!


So I know that a good chunk of people in the USA and Canada are covered in snow right now. May I suggest for some big time extra burn that you throw some snowshoes on and trudge for miles. I’m just putting it out there that it could be a bit harder than I anticipated and I am sure I burned some extra calories. I’m sure of it based on the fact my legs were shaking when I rested. Can I get a WOOT WOOT!


Anyhow, 4 miles of snowshoeing was completed! I’ll be back for more. Next time I shall drag that Brenna up the hill, I am sure she will not be able to say no when you have views awaiting you such as yay. SO lace up, or strap on, or do whatever you gotta do, feel that burn and love every minute of it folks, unless of course you are stuck in the south…. if that is the case… GET OUT OF THE SOUTH! 


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  1. gettingamyright said: Looks amazing, as usual! Wouldn’t expect anything less of your home town now!
  2. gilliansquirtle said: none of that snow crap, please.
  3. katiegirlchasesinfinity said: Strap on?! Really!? :P but for real, I am dying to try snowshoeing. Bonus points if I’m strapping on with you! (why do all my responses somehow end up sounding so dirty!?)
  4. jrfred said: You can keep the snow, I’ll pass on that.
  5. iwillrunforfood said: I snowshoed last winter. It’s such a great workout. Soooo hard!
  6. uhoh-janellio said: That looks cold. AWESOME. But cold.
  7. missmarisol said: Woot woot!
  8. lifewithkim said: Love it!
  9. shellsbellsontherun said: Get out of the South he says. Just as soon as I win the PCH $5000 a week for forever…
  10. ashamedtosay said: Gorgeous wow….
  11. run2bme said: Woot! Woot! I want to live there! Now.
  12. captainmudphud said: Sorry, homie. I prefer my weather above freezing. The south it is.
  13. snapthistiger said: you are the man!!!!
  14. ottergetsfast said: I’ve done snowshoeing. It is OH MY GOD hard. But fun!
  15. justabunchofmemories86 said: I love snowshoeing! I missed it last year when we had no snow.